The issue of popularity of human trafficking Essay

The issue of popularity of human trafficking, 494 words essay example

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The human trafficking is all activities related to recruitment or transportation of persons within or outside the borders of a country. This involves deception, violence, and humbug. The oppressors abuse the ability to control their victims, make them vulnerable and force them into debts, to take control and the power with the purpose exploitation. As this requires a minimum exploitation forced prostitution or other kinds of sexual exploitation, slavery or practices similar to slavery, the physical abuse, illegal work, the domestics illegal adoptions or forced marriages and extirpation of organs.
To begin with, the people who control the traffickers are very lusts because they work only to earn money and use innocent people for their own benefit. These people do not care about anything besides money. To maximize profits, they exploit innocent and weak victims. Usually they choose countries where poverty and political, economic and social instability. Recently, the institution of human trafficking has grown and probably will continue to do so in the future. This concept also demonstrates greed. People who control the traffickers always want to make more money and do not consider the destruction of innocent lives. They only want what will improve your life.
By then it is very important to consider the guilt that has people in destination countries. They contribute to human trafficking because their demand and the system depend on your money. Human trafficking includes forced prostitution, domestic servitude, agricultural work several unsafe conditions, work in manufactories and workshops in sweatshops, making in the gastronomic guild or construction, and various advanced forms of bondage. The motivation of these people is selfish and greedy minds. Moreover, as the people who control traffickers are using people for their own welfare.
In addition, everyone is to fault. He will not talk about human trafficking and does not want to make efforts to stop it. They simply desire to survive their lives without being annoyed by this, so that has not stopped coming. Yes, this is a big problem. We totally require to be prepared and make attempts to get rid of human trafficking. An instance of a radical effort is a labor in Massachusetts. " The bill creates two new crimes the trafficking of people for sexual services, which carry a penalty of up to 20 years in state prison, and smuggling people with hard labor, with a penalty of up to 15 years in state prison " ("Session Laws Chapter 178 of the Acts of 2011," n.d.). This is a good model but without more help, trafficking will continue because human greed never ends. Still, if people talk about this problem and creates awareness is likely to be hope for the hereafter.
In close, human trafficking is caused by the human brain. Today in life we get many decisions every day. These describe the character and define life. If all continue to accept a negative mentality, human trafficking will continue. If we want changes in the world, it is necessary to change our lives.

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