The searching of cloud data over encrypted format by Boolean Symmetric Searchable Encryption Essay

The searching of cloud data over encrypted format by Boolean Symmetric Searchable Encryption, 490 words essay example

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S.No Methods Goal Techniques Data sets Pros / Cons
Plaintext Keyword
Selectively retrieve files through keyword-based search
Plaintext keyword search technique
Data privacy, encrypted files, Keyword based search
Pros Protecting data privacy Cons Demands the keyword privacy protection
Fuzzy Keyword Search
Enhances the system usability by returning the input exactly or the closest possible matching files
Symbol-Based trie- Traverse Search Scheme, Gram-Based Technique, and Wild card-Based Technique
Edit distance, fuzzy search, and trapdoor.
Pros Edit Distance can be implemented. Highly efficient. Increase searching effectiveness.
Cons Large storage complexities. Support
Only Boolean keyword search.
Not support Ranked search problem
Boolean Symmetric Searchable Encryption
Support both conjunctive and disjunctive search GramSchmidt orthogonalization process,Labeling and inner products perform searching of data
Secret sharing, Predicate encryption, Pros Linear search, Randomized, Focus on simple keyword matching
Cons Used only for searching Boolean Queries. Longer computation phase.
Secure Ranked
Keyword Search
Enables the data users to find the most relevant information quickly Ranking technique and Order Preserving Mapping Technique.
Ranked Search, Information retrieval, Secure searchable index
Pros Highly Efficient.
Cons Network Traffic occurs, Large amount of Post Processing of encrypted files
Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Ranked Search
Analyze the latent semantic association between terms and documents by LSA. Employ a secure splitting k- NN technique to encrypt the index, can obtain the accurate ranked results.
Latent Semantic Analysis, k-nearest neighbor (k-NN) Technique
Multi-keyword ranked search scheme, Encrypted cloud data.
Pros Eliminate traffic. Improve search accuracy. Privacy preserving multi keyword used.
Cons Not suitable for large scale data.
B. Fuzzy keyword Search over Encrypted data
This paper proposed a fuzzy keyword searching technique over encrypted cloud data. This search technique enhances the system usability which returns the input exactly or the closest possible matching files by keyword search semantics, when exact matching fails. There are three searching techniques are used. They are Wild card- Based Technique, Gram-Based technique and Symbol-Based trie-Traverse Search Scheme. Wild card-Based Technique solves the problem of edit operations at the same position key words. Gram-Based technique is used to develop the fuzzy set depends on grams. The Symbol-Based trie- Traverse Search Scheme is that all trapdoors sharing a common prefix may have common nodes. This method is highly efficient and it also increases the searching effectiveness, improve the space efficiency, optimize time efficiency and size of the fuzzy keyword set is controllable. But large storage is complex, support only Boolean keyword search and it does not support the ranked search operation.
C. Boolean Symmetric searchable emcryption
This paper describes the searching of cloud data over encrypted format by Boolean Symmetric Searchable Encryption (BSSE). The BSSE technique uses the Boolean expression queries for performing conjunction, disjunction and negation of keywords. The main process used in this method is Gram- Schmidt orthogonalization process which encodes the keywords and they are used in queries, labels and inner products to perform the searching of data. This method is fully randomized the search is linear and increases the labels size which implies a longer computation phase for each document.

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