What is E-commerce system? Skechers – the system that will make your organisation’s brand popular Essay

What is E-commerce system? Skechers – the system that will make your organisation’s brand popular, 499 words essay example

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The report was carry out to propose a system to the related organization that can help to create a new business opportunity for the organization. The ultimate strategic goal of Skechers is to maximize profit. Next, we made observations by visiting the website and the retail store. We are able to pinpoint the main problem of the website, which only provides product reviews and not online purchasing service. E-commerce system is identified as the best solution to the problem and to meet the ultimate goal of the organization.
Then, three types of feasibility tests, which are Operational feasibility, Technical feasibility and Economic feasibility are conducted by our group for the system that we proposed. The functional specifications prepared for the system are 'My Account' system and shopping cart. Furthermore, the system will be implemented by expanding the inventory of outlets, appointing logistic service for delivery and design a secure payment system. The system will undergo a thorough test-runs to make sure the system is flawless before launching it and assign a team to maintain it.
Lastly, several risks are identified upon implementing the new system to the organization and counter measures were designed to reduce the risks involved.
In conclusion, E-commerce brings benefits but it as well has its own risk. But as benefits outweighed the risks involved, Skechers are recommended to implement E-commerce as it is able to help Skechers gain more profit.
In the era of globalization, the usage of Internet has grown dramatically over the past decade, and it has become very common in our daily lives. People can access Internet from almost any corner in the world. Nowadays, people can surf the net with a PC, a tablet, or even with a smartphone. For that reason, the traditional business process has undergo a revolution, which businesses not only to be conduct in a real marketplace, but also in the virtual marketplace. Therefore, a system has been introduced to help smoothen the online business process in the virtual marketplace, which is the E-commerce system.
What is E-commerce system? E-commerce system is a service that provides buying and selling of goods and services, and the transmitting of funds or data over the electronic network, primarily the Internet. This system allows consumers to make their purchases directly through online, and also helps vendors to increase their customer base. It can be said that the E-commerce system helps organizations to achieved competitive advantages over competitors in the same industry.
We have choose Skechers, one of the famous shoe retailers in the country, as our target in this assignment. This is due to Skechers official website only provides information and reviews about the products, but did not allows online purchasing, which means they did not have an E-commerce system. We suggest by introducing this system to Skechers, it can help the organization to open up a new platform and an opportunity to attract more customers, thus maximizes the profit of the organization and increase the popularity of the brand to

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