Where and how to store Christmas decorations? Essay

Where and how to store Christmas decorations?, 499 words essay example

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Easily the largest inventory of seasonal items you will ever have to store will be your Christmas decorations. These items take on tremendous meaning and value to your family as each Christmas tree ornament can represent a family memory and family traditions and history is wrapped up even in the way you decorate the mantle or how you put lights up outside. But when Christmas is over, the chore of storing those precious decorations can be challenging. You need a system to store them well. You know that if you do a shoddy job of putting up the decorations this year, you will face a mess next year and some decorations may even be damaged during storage, which can be a tragedy.
If you have not already done so, when it is time to pack up the decorations, invest in some good quality storage boxes. Any storage facility will have fine boxes with lids that will be sturdy and clean so they can keep your important ornaments and decorations well for a year. Also, before you go out to buy storage material, inventory your packing materials. It is worth it to buy fresh packing peanuts or wrapping material to replace any that are torn or dirty. This kind of care means your Christmas items will be well cared for during the long months while they wait to be used again.

Thinking about any problems you had when you brought out the Christmas decorations this year will help you innovate ways to improve on your storage techniques so you can make the process easier next year. If you store your seasonal items in a storage shed or the attic along with dozens of other boxes of items that never get attention, it can be a challenge to figure out which of the boxes are your seasonable decorations so you can get them down quickly next year. You may think as you put them into storage that you will remember which ones are the decorations but a year alter, memories fade

A good solution to this problem is either to buy unique boxes just for storing your Christmas things or to think of a way to mark them so they stand out when you put them away. You can use a brightly colored market to put a strip or mark on the boxes or to just write in bold letters  CHISTMAS, so you know which boxes to get down. Or you can buy boxes that are all color coordinated so they will stand out together next year when you are ready to start your Christmas decorating.

By putting some time and thought into how you store away these precious items, you will make your work next year when it is time to get ready for the holidays so much easier. And by making an investment in the storage materials, you assure that each item will come out of storage in pristine condition to fill your home with holiday cheer once more.

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