The implementation of HRD Programs Essay

The implementation of HRD Programs, 499 words essay example

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Implementing HRD Programs
Current globalization of businesses and trade, employees skills and motivation development are critical for any organization aspiring to succeed in the worlds competitive and dynamic market. Based on the rapid modern change and pace of HRD activities, organizations are drawing tremendous attention to ensure that its employees have the knowledge and skills to effectively and efficiently meet daily challenges. With the evidencebased practice in HRD, there are solid and credible evidence that shows that HRD works however, its not magic and requires more than the theoretical studies. Many organization with the worlds competitive market face new dimensions and complex challenges such as workforce diversity and globalization has further complicated the success of HRD approaches. Unless the organizations development and training are exemplary, and make HRD informed choices, its development experience and methods delivery will fail to meet the expected results.
The paper intends to articulate the best learning opportunities Collier University can emphasize in its implementation of HRD programs. The paper will further articulate the best methods that the university can be adopted and the rationale to such methods. It will further discus the extent to which technologybased learning can be utilized and the extent of monitoring methods that should be practiced to ensure that employees have conceptualized the training received. Finally the paper will address the relevant stakeholders that can be involved in the training process for it to be more effective and objectiveoriented process.
Learning Opportunities for HRD Programs
As Collier Universitys chief knowledge officer, based on the current competitive global market. The learning opportunities that should be emphasized should embrace workforce diversity and technology to develop employees skills in meeting globalization challenges. The methods should meet the current global expertise level that the employees can intergrade in their work station to meet the dynamic and competitive global markets. The learning opportunity will further emphasize in assessing the universitys learning needs and instructional mechanism that should ensure global HRD objectives are meet through learning.
Collier University should start its learning opportunities by the use of declarative leaning technique that entails employees being issued factualguided instructions. The declarative learning opportunity will enable the organization to reduce anxiety and confusion among its large pool of employees. The learning procedures often embrace cognitive flexibility based on what the employees can see practically. Declarative knowledge describes what the employees can do towards achieving the universitys objectives and missions of the organization in the global market.
As a chief knowledge officer, the other learning opportunity that the Collier University should provide the procedural knowledge that is the practical instruction issuing. Through the opportunity it will be easy for the employees to conceptualize the manner that the organization work in satisfy its large customer base worldwide. The procedural learning entails exploratory and creativity of the employees, hence it will enhance their confidence and more focused in the line of duty. Procedural learning involves the memory association of the employee on how to do a task in an organization effectively and in efficiency.

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