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Harold Lockwood was an American silent film actor, director, and producer whose years of activity lasted from 1911 to October 19, 1918, at which he was killed by the deadly Spanish influenza at age 31. Lockwood was born on the 12th of April in 1887 in Newark, New Jersey and was the son of a horse breeder and trainer. As a teen and child he was very athletic, becoming a skilled horseman and excellent in swimming, track, and football. Lockwood picked up a liking of theatre and performing arts, often attending shows and plays following this interest of his, he was ecstatic upon moving to Manhattan.
Lockwood's father encouraged that he enroll in business college. He did so briefly then, after persuading his father that he only would find success and happiness in performing arts, he worked in Eastern stock, vaudeville, and musical comedy. Afterward, he married an actress by the name of Alma Jones and she birthed a child named William.
Some films Lockwood starred in/directed are Wildflower, The Man in the Sombrero, Lillo of the Sulu Seas, The Buzzard's Shadow, and many more. He's said to have starred in over 132 films which, during a span of just 7 years, is really quite extraordinary.
Wildflower (1914) is a romantic silent drama written by both Eve Unsell and director Allan Dwan. Responsibility for the film's production goes to Adolph Zukor and Daniel Frohman. Its actors/actresses include rookie stage actress Marguerite Clark, Harold Lockwood, and Jack Pickford. The film is considered lost and can no longer be found.
The Man in the Sombrero (1916) is a romantic drama silent short film primarily starring Lockwood and Allison who play Jack Betson and Alice Van Zandt. Its director is Thomas Ricketts. Unfortunately, not much is known about its plot.
Lillo of the Sulu Seas (1916) is a romantic silent short who was also written and directed by Thomas Ricketts. Its main actors are, again, Harold Lockwood and May Allison who play the characters Ralph Holt and Lillo.
The Buzzard's Shadow (1915) is a military-based silent drama once more directed by Thomas Ricketts and starring mainly Lockwood and Allison. I, sadly, was unable to find this one as well. According to Wikipedia, American troops appear in the film as it was shot in San Diego at the San Diego Military Reservation. It was re-edited and re-released under a new title by the Arrow Film Corporation The Shadow of Fear.
Lockwood and Allison worked together from 1915 to 1917, during which they created 22 silent films. Because of how much they worked cooperatively, fans interpreted their relationship as romantic. As much as they desired it to be true, it wasn't Lockwood was a married man in an unhappy relationship, but refused to leave his wife in fear of abandoning their son. In 1915 the couple "made up," but their relationship was very unstable, Lockwood even living with his mother at times, until their secretive divorce in 1917.
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