Why did I choose orthodontics? Essay

Why did I choose orthodontics?, 501 words essay example

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Personal Statement Carmen Scarbro
"Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." This is just one of Mother Teresa's great quotes concerning the spread of love and peace. A smile on someone is so beautiful my goal is to make people want to smile. Orthodontics is my number one career choice. I began to consider a career in the dentistry field on the basis of my experiences as a patient. As my fascination grew, l began my research orthodontics to see if this was truly the career for me. Part of my research included relevant mentoring/shadowing experience the past three summers and it was from my observations that my fascination turned into determination to become an orthodontist. I enjoy both the technical aspects of orthodontics and the interaction with patients.
My education must precede anything else I do to become extrodinary. When I was three I started dancing and I fell in love and wanted to perform well. To pursue my goal I tried out and made a competition dance team when I was seven, I enrolled in a variety of workshops and classes I practiced, reviewed countless hours of videos. Then I worked persistently to learn the right techniques. My career pursuit is different but the principle is the same. Through extensive studying and practice I want to become an orthodontist who works with the patient to define goals, performs examination to create a treatment plan that results in a beautiful smile.
The most important part of orthodontics is the patient treatment plan. I believe an essential part of the plan involves education. In school, more education translates into increased opportunities, and in life more knowledge leads to greater control over one's circumstances. In dentistry and orthodontics, significant patient education can do the same. I experienced this as patient and mentoring Drs. Schefler and Mayhew. They educate their patients in a friendly, clear, and efficient manner. As a patient I felt involved and in control of my orthodontic treatment plan. The values of their office inspire me to set goals, listen and communicate clearly with customers and patients. As an orthodontist, I hope to practice these skills and enable my patients to be in control of their orthodontic treatment plan.
My draw to orthodontics has increased during my mentoring through the patients and employees being so happy. This was highlighted and demonstrated how imperative team dynamics are in formulating treatment. From working with the orthodontic practice I feel my personality is a good fit for the field. I'm friendly, calm, and approachable I'm professional, organized and sincere.
I believe orthodontics is an excellent specialty and I'm excited to enter a pre-dentistry undergraduate study. I want to find a program that offers the opportunity for me in a well-structured environment with professors who love to teach. I'm excited to enter college. I seek to become involved in my college, an advocate to my profession and a committed student.

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