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Chemical suppliers, mineral suppliers and packaging material suppliers are also a part of second tier. Nestl imports chemicals (emulsifier, preservatives) from foreign countries which includes America, Australia and Germany. Minerals that are added in the processed milk are purchased locally in open market. Merck has intensive expertise and experience in the production of pharmaceutical products. It also produce finest ingredients for foods. These ingredients are produced by keeping focused on purity and quality. It also involves the methods which are used easily in the laboratory even during the production. The methods offer reliability during all phases of the manufacturing process and help ensure that the end product will be of the required quality.
Nestl connects with its customers through NESTL NAATA. There is a system used in Nestl used for the purpose of traceability in case of any complaint. The complaint is locked in the system until it is not solved. Contact Numbers and email are mentioned on each pack of Nestl's Products so that customers use it when required.
For instance, if a person is facing any sort of complain regarding the taste and health factor, then he can record his complaint through the customer service portal created by Nestl. When a person calls and says he is facing taste or health issues by using the particular product of Nestl, then this complaint is locked in the system. Then Nestl trace the product. The manager tends to do the sampling and traceability of the product. The traceability is done on the basis of
On which date that particular product is made?
At which time that particular product is made?
Who are the suppliers of that product?
From where the vendor bought the batches of raw material?
The ideal concept of traceability which Nestl uses is FARM TO FORK technique. According to it, in case of any complaint they try to identify the root cause of the problem in order to know that from where actually the problem originated? After identifying and eliminating the complaint, it is one of the KPI of the manager to inform that this was the mistake through customer service. They investigated it and then replaced the product of the customer. The purpose is to maintain the brand image. Nestl tends to resolve the complaint timely so that brand image will not disturb. Nestl is a global company so maintaining the brand image is very important. If brand image of a particular product disturbs then it also cause immense damage to the overall sales of Nestl.
Customer relation management is important for success of an organization. Many organizations are not considered successful because of bad practices of the CRM. CRM plays an important role in developing the organization. The repeated buying of customer is directly linked with the satisfaction provided by the company's services. Nestle have developed strong relations with the farmer which enabled them to grab more market share in milk industry as compared to its competitors.

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