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WiFi (also known as WiFi) is a wireless networking technology that by which electronic devices connect to network. WiFi uses gigahertz SHF ISM and 2.4 gigahertz UHF 5 radio bands.
The WiFi Alliance describes WiFi as a "wireless local area network" based on IEEE 802.11 standards. But, the word WiFi is commonly described in English as a synonym for WLAN because most Wireless Local Area Networks are based on IEEE 802.11 standards. WiFi is a logo of the WiFi Alliance. The WiFi Certified logo can only be used by WLAN supported products.
WiFi Alliance is a nonprofit organization that supports WiFi technology and also verifies WiFi products to check whether they are up to their standards.
These days, various devices has support for WiFi connectivity, for example, smartphones, personal computers, gaming consoles, digital cameras, tablet PCs, and modern audio players. These devices can easily connect to a network resource, for example, the Internet by means of a wireless network access point. WiFi access point (commonly known as WiFi hotspot) has a range of around 66 feet (20 meters) indoors and a more powerful range outdoors. Hotspot range can be very short as a small room with walls blocking radio waves, or as large as many square miles accomplished by using many connected access points.
WiFi can be less secure than Ethernet or other wired connections, because an intruder does not require a physical connection. Web pages with TLS security are secure, but unencrypted internet access can be detected by intruders easily. To prevent this, WiFi has implemented many encryption technologies. The early encryption known as WEP was easy to break. WPA and WPA2, are more powerful quality protocols than WEP, were added later. An optional new feature known as WPS or WiFi Protected Setup was added in 2007, but it had a serious flaw that allowed an attacker to retrieve the routers password. The WiFi Alliance has consistently improved their certification program and test plan to guarantee that all new certified devices resist attacks.
A wireless network interface controller is required to connect to a WiFi LAN. The combination of interface controller and a computer is called a station. Every station that shares a single radio frequency channel for communication, transmissions on that channel are received by every other station within transmission range. The data is transmitted by a carrier wave. The data is then divided into small sized packets, known as Ethernet frames.
WiFi technology is widely used to provide Internet connectivity to devices within the range of a WiFi access point, which is connected to the Internet. The range of one or more connected hotspots can vary from as small area as a room to as large as several square miles.
These days, WiFi is a part of many homes, businesses, and organizations, as well as public places where WiFi hotspots are set up either commercially or free of charge. Businesses and organizations, for example, hotels, airports, and restaurants, often provide free internet access via WiFi to attract customers.

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