Reasons to choose Silentnight beds for bedding Essay

Reasons to choose Silentnight beds for bedding, 491 words essay example

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Why Silentnight beds are the best options for bedding?

Purchasing a new mattress is surely amongst one of the wisest investment you make for your home, but how can you exactly know about the right time to go for a new one? Well, the answer to this interrogation requires some attention to your daily life routine. Like, when you wake up in the morning, and still feel tired, restless, and have low back pains, then it is an indication that you should change your mattress now!
However, when you intend to purchase a new mattress, always make sure that you check it before hand. The first and the easiest way, to do so, is to try it. You should not hesitate while lying on it. Check for any sort of pressure the mattress imposes on your body. Ideally a perfect mattress gives no pressure. In fact, it actually creates a sense of floating in the air! The best way to select the perfect mattress for your home is to start with the most expensive one. Then look for comparatively lower priced ones. In this manner you will come across several mattresses designed perfectly for your bedroom. However, make sure you go for the one which is best suited for your comfort.

Silentnight beds and mattresses

Silentnight is actually one of the leading brands of bed in South Africa. The Silentnight is well known for providing exceptional and high quality beds and mattresses to their customers. It is basically a perfect solution for the ones seeking comfortable sleep during the night.

Over the past 60 years Silentnight, the company has used modern technology to manufacture enhanced beds and mattresses in order to satisfy their consumers. It uses Joey pocket coil technology in the mattresses, which is regarded as the number one pocket coil technology.

What are Silentnight beds made up of?

Silentnight is manufactured by using the worlds best manufacturing components. It carries Ergo Coil, which is an innovative spring technology. This makes the Silentnight durable, provides support, and enhances the comfort level as well.

Silentnight beds come with various characteristics. The components responsible for these characteristics are described below

Luxurious circular knit fabric

This cross laced design ensures durability, gives luxurious comfort, and takes the shape of the consumers body contours.

Circular knit fabric with Silver Argentum

It is basically based on real silver, which is a highly effective form of moisture management, responsible for giveing an antibacterial finish.

Visco elastic gel foam (memory foam)

This foam provides ultimate in support and comfort, and hence takes the shape of the consumers body


The latex provides ultimate support and comfort to the body, and is well known for its recovering properties.

Comfort layers

It is responsible for providing extra support and comfort.

Ecofriendly insulation

This insulation protects the comfort layers from the hard springs gives longlasting comfort and support to the body. It is basically manufactured from recycled materials.

Zoned pocket technology 

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