How well do you fit in your workplace? Essay

How well do you fit in your workplace?, 492 words essay example

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I conducted my interview aiming to dive into this question, in order to understand why it is profoundly important to fit in the culture of the workplace. Thinking about fit, I think about Gandhi. And probably when thinking about him, you are having in mind this little man, wearing round glasses and dhoti, sitting on the floor in India and spinning a wheel. But actually, when Gandhi was a young man, he was this ambitious human rights attorney in South Africa. It wasn't until he was in his mid 40s, that he began to realize that the life he was living was a bad fit for him. He knew that he was doing the proper work, but he was doing it in the wrong environment where he couldn't be potent. So, he traded in his suit for a dhoti, went back to India and found his fit. It was then that he accomplished astounding things. He changed the world and the veracity, because that is the power of fit.
So, what is fit? Fit is when two things are compatible and come together. We usually think about fit in terms of clothes or shoes, but based on my interview I will talk about fit in terms of work, which I think, is one of the most fascinating aspects of fit. Having this cultural nexus in work is critical, because work is where most of us spend the vast majority of our lives. If you don't fit your work, you are missing out a huge portion of your life. So, what does it look like to fit your work? To answer this question I choose an interviewee who is from a culture different from his workplace culture. I arranged an interview with a young Moroccan software engineer working in a French company in Paris. I did so for two major reasons. First, it helped me to know about the French culture in the workplace generally and the culture used within the company specifically. And secondly, it helped me to know how we could overcome this cultural cross and reversal it from a conundrum matter to a benefic thing. According to my interviewee, knowing that you assess a cultural fit, it is when your values and the company's values fit. It's when your personality and the personalities of the people that you work with fit. It's when the way you communicate and the way others communicate with you fit. When you don't have fit, work and life can be incredibly frustrating and exhausting. But when you do have fit, work and life tend to be inspiring and invigorating. He mentioned that he doesn't feel like working with a boss in a top-down frame. In contrary, he saw him as a leader that engages everybody in taking decisions, he asks for the opinion of his employees and always he has that blueprint method in making everything clear and accessible for every employee in the company.

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