Christians Ten Commandments and Hindus ten disciplines Essay

Christians Ten Commandments and Hindus ten disciplines, 500 words essay example

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In the great traditions of Christianity on the one hand and the Hinduism on the other hand, it has been generally difficult to distinguish between morality and religion .it is also the case that in the popular religious consciousness of Christians and Hindus, there seems to be a very remarkable relationship between morality and religion. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to discuss as well as providing answers to questions related to the Christians Ten Commandments and Hindus ten disciplines.
Looking at these ten commandments of Christianity and ten disciplines of Hindus. Although both Christianity and Hindus are different but these commandments and discipline have some similarities as they are both rules of conduct that each and every follower needs to take into consideration. For instance, the infractions of rules of moral conduct are perceived to be religious offense. Moreover, some infractions such as commit murder or harm your fellow, stealing or lying is all seen on both sides.
In response to the second question .The ten commandment are different from ten disciplines of Hindus because, the Ten Commandments impose their followers to worship one and only God .In fact, ten commandment are specific to the only God and his Name, whereas ten disciple do not impose any form of worshiping .In addition to that, in those ten disciple of Hindus, it is obvious that they do not force anyone to follow the religion.
When you take a closer look, to those ten Christians Ten Commandments and Hindus ten discipline. One may realize that each set of teaching is eventually aimed at the same results for Human being to achieve because in a broad sense there is a biological relationship between both teachings. For instance the self understanding or practices of individuals is informed by their religious activities and commitments. Therefore, they were both established in order to serve as guidelines and limits to human beings behaviors.
Although, ten commandments and ten Disciplines are not 100% similar .However, they seem to both have been created for the same purpose .Therefore, if my friend said to me that, ten disciplines and ten commandments possible do came from the Divine source , I would not disagree nor agree with that assumption. Moreover, if both came from the same divine source it is because one was a complement to an other .For instance, in my opinion I think that, those ten disciplines may have been sent in order to implement the Ten Commandments and to put more clarifications, since obviously they seems to focus on the social and individual side more than the focusing spiritual side. Furthermore, they do not mention anything spiritual.
In conclusion, Hinduism does not seem to be a religion but a set of social norms and thoughts that aims to in hence the relationship between the human beings among themselves and as well as their relationship with the nature and environment .whereas Christianity has strict rules and regulations that each and every follows need to comply with and practice.

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