Life and religion of Arabs in Saudi Arabia Essay

Life and religion of Arabs in Saudi Arabia, 492 words essay example

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Before the revelation of the Qu'ran, Arabs in Saudi Arabia lived very different lives. In 610 ACE according to the Qur'an, the Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation from the Angel Gabriel. The Prophet was not only a religious leader but a leader of a new way of life for people in Saudi Arabia. Arabs encountered a new religion, including all people under one religion, and a new strong government.
My topic beginning of Islam was greatly influenced by a greater event at that time, like tribes and fighting over land. Some important facts to know about this are tribe were important, fought over land and cattle, and their clan leader was in charge. At times of my topic, that is what happened with that greater event tribes fought over land. It was an influence on my topic because it helped and solve problems. the religion of Islam many of the tribes in Arabia were practicing Judaism. Also, Christianity was known to have been active in the region before the rise of Islam. **Emphasize the differences in religions. Before Islam people believed that their king was their god or to some an extension of god. Islam had one of the first of the laws that made people follow. but also, it was fair. Before Islam, the king had all the freedom to make any law (the king was above the laws). In Islam, there were a set of rules that everyone had to follow that the prophet made ( prophet Muhammad followed the law). Rules in Islam served as a system of government and a religion.
Build - Up
According to the Quran, the Angel Jibril first revealed the Quran to Muhammad and told Mohammed that he was a prophet. Many of the people rejected whatever he was saying, including his closest relatives. As he stood in front of everyone, not everybody was respectful. Rocks were thrown at him so was filthy goat esophagus while he was prostrating to his lord. He exchanged religions with others during that time by listening to what their religion is he then told them what Islam had to say about that.
When the Muhammed first started preach the new religion. The battle of Badr was the biggest battle of mecca. When the Quran was sent down to Muhammad he didn't have many people there for him. Hadith was the saying of Muhammed. It was later written down after his death, to let others know everything he said a word for word. The reinforcement of the new government led to many problems. Many of those problems took place once Muhammed claimed to be a prophet.
Long Term
Islam one of the largest religions across the world. During the 1900's the populations of the Muslim's was less than 200 million people. While on the other hand the Christian's population was the almost 360 million people more than the Muslim's. Many people are arguing that Muslims is more than the Christians in the 2000's.

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