Life in the Harlem Renaissance Essay

Life in the Harlem Renaissance, 505 words essay example

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Have you ever wonder how life was in the Harlem Renaissances? The Harlem Renaissance was a movement in which Blacks asserted themselves by embracing. Their racial identity and appreciating their African heritage instead of mimicking white mainstream culture in art, literature and music. In the poem "The Negro Speaks of Rivers" it lets us know early in the poem that is told from the perspective of a member of the black community.In the poem "I, Too" is states how African Americans had to faced discrimination in nearly every aspect of their lives.They were forced to live, work, eat and travel separately from their white counterparts, had few civil or legal rights, were often victims of racial violence, and faced economic marginalization in both the North and the South.
In the poet "the negro speaks of rivers" is about someone who sings about life he has known death. He has balanced between the knowledge of love and death.For example when i read the title i expect that the speaker will be someone witnessing another person of speak of rivers. But when i read more of that poetic i gathers force of how the americans were so racism to blacks.From depths of grief the poet sweeps back to life by clinging to his greatest faith which is in his people and his sense of kinship with them. His frail, intimidated self, as well as the image of his father, are liquidated. A man child is born and they are consider as a soft-spoken or black as African.
In the poet "I, Too" the speaker begins by declaring that can sing American too. This meant that his claiming his right to feel patriotic towards American. Even though he may be darker skin they cannot sit at the table of whites because their black they must eat in the kitchen with the rest of african americans. For example theirs a quote that states "I am the dark brother" this quote states how the speaker is a African American and how their placing him in a very interesting relationship with the white counterparts. When African Americans had to faced discrimination they nearly aspect every day of their lives. They were forced to live, work, eat and travel separately from the whites they had few civil and legal rights they were often victims of racial violence.
In the poet "Harlem Renaissance" America was still racially segregated. African Americans were saddled with the legacy of slavery, which essentially rendered them second-class citizens in the eyes of the law, particularly in the South.They establishing separate public schools for black and white students .The African Americans cannot dream or aspire to great things because of the environment of they are surrounds them.
In conclusion all these three poet talk about not just about racism but about how Americans are with black. They all talk about how they will treat the black they were unfair and try to get them out of the United States because they were African Americans.

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