Being a victim of sexual abuse: life goes on Essay

Being a victim of sexual abuse: life goes on, 500 words essay example

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I learned that not only is Matt an advocate towards sexually abused children, but was also a victim himself. He shared with me his story and wanted me to mention it in my reflection. As a child, he was sexually abused by a family friend. It started when he was just six years old. Throughout the abuse, he was told not to say anything to anyone because for one, no one would believe him, and for two, he was threatened. Being a victim of sexual abuse has caused his life to go downhill. Throughout his teen years, he has endured severe depression as well as shame and guilt. After keeping it a secret for 20 years, he finally opened up to his family about what has happened to him as a child. He was able to receive help from counseling, and got his life together. After being a victim of sexual abuse, Matt felt the need to help other victims who either have gone through, or is going through sexual abuse.

Speak your silence has an icon that symbolizes sexual abuse when wearing it. It is called, TheStitch, which is a zigzag shaped icon, symbolizes voice frequency for each person who wears it, in order to support the victims of abuse. This proves to show how much people care for the victims, as well as all the support provided to them. Regardless of financial means, Matt provides direct counseling to victims that are in need. I have learned about several common issues that come up in Matts job. In regard to his mission focus, he hears from many, many people who experienced sexual abuse as children... but are now sharing their stories for the first time, years and years later. The reason this organization exists is because they recognized this issue to be one that most people either felt too uncomfortable, afraid, or depressed to discuss. He believes that in order to effectively prevent child sexual abuse and transform the lives of those already affected... this stigma much first be broken and the social dynamics that surround the issue must change. This would be the biggest "issue" that he runs into  but it's also the reason Speak Your Silence exists.

He found that their largest audience, such as vocal supporters, is made up of females. Also, the vast majority of individuals who approach them for counseling are female. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused, compared to 1 in 6 boys. However, in general, females are more willing to share personal information and seek help than males. It also can be socially risky, and possibly even more so for men, to share personal stories of child sexual abuse, for risk of people making uninformed assumptions that "if he/she was abused, perhaps he/she will become an offender". I also feel that it is embarrassing for men, as well as shameful, if they were abused by another male.

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