Communication Strategies for Effective Negotiation Essay

Communication Strategies for Effective Negotiation, 495 words essay example

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I will play a Role in negotiating on the status of job (Boss) I supposed to use all persuasive skills to try to help one of my employee who just got a new born child and whose wife just got opportunity for a promotion at work for that reason he is asking to change from a full time employee to a part time employer. Personally I never been involved in this kind of negotiation, but I will try my best. I will use all the knowledge I got from class such as communication strategy, negotiation strategy, non verbal communication and persuasion strategy to explain that specific circumstance.

Its well known that, to change from a full time employee that have been working in the company for so long to a part time employee, sometime it will affect the efficiency and enthusiasm of the organization, but even thought I will try to be the most passive as possible for wellness of my employee and my own and company reputation.

2. 1. Strategies

First of all, I will use communication strategy. Communication is the sharing of the information between sender and receiver which bring sense between them (Kathleen and Wilkinson, 2006) and it can also be defined as the process of information flows from a source to receive and back (Marshall McLuhan). We interacted to others because we expect something to happen or we need to satisfy a need thats why I will use informal communication whereby no authorized format to share my dialog effectively with my employers and it will be the effective way to help him. Because we communicate constantly, we need to communicate effectivelyto do it right. I will also use oral communication as it tends to be the most preferred form important to engage in communication for managers.

2. 2.Assertive communication

Assertive communication is form of communication in which you speak up for your rights and take into account the rights and feelings of others. Im going to use assertive behavior to act in my own best interests to stand up for myself without undue anxiety to express good sentiments easily and to express individual rights without preventing the rights from securing others. Passive, Aggressive and Assertive. First I will let my employer discuss any problem they got with me or the management. Second, I will try to understand what my employees are trying to communicate to me and serve them the best I can. It will help me to be fair in our business on the ground that they will be satisfied and benefit from the company and also for the goodness of the company. I will be honest to my employees for all the information they want, so we can have long team relationship and a prosperous business environment. Because assertiveness is based on mutual respect, its an effective and diplomatic communication style. Being assertive shows that you respect yourself because youre willing to stand up for your interests and express your thoughts and feelings.

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