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What is effective communication?, 500 words essay example

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Communication is the exchanging of words between people. It is key that people understand the importance of communication. Through this we can express ourselves and interact with others. When people talk between each other it is not just about exchanging information but it is also about understanding the emotions and also intentions the person if given through that information. In order for people to understand what you are trying to say you need to be an effective communicator. Ineffectiveness on the area of communication may affect your interaction with others and also your work productivity.
To me effective communication is like the glue that helps you deepen your connections to others and also improve in many other skills. By knowing how to communicate a person is able to communicate difficult messages without creating any conflict. Effective communication can be a learned skill but it is said that when it is spontaneous it is better. For people to be effective at communicating they are able to communicate assertively and they also communicate with others with their bodies. Some people tend to have a hard time communicating with others.
A tip can be to be in control of your emotions. Stay calm even when you are under pressure, and that way you will find it easier to communicate. It has been said that when we are stressed we are more likely to have a hard time understanding other people's emotions. For example we can feel under stress when we fight with our friends, our parents, and even a random person. If someone is capable of just getting stressed but immediately take control of their emotions and get back to a more calmed state then it will be a lot easier to communicate with that person. Give yourself some time to think before saying things before you regret saying them. Always take your time to make pauses. Silence is not always a bad thing.
Any disruption along the process can create an ineffective communication. For example, if you are speaking to someone lets say it's a coworkers and you have a hard time making him understand what you are trying to say then the communication will fail. There are all kinds of barriers when it comes to ineffective communication. If you write a letter and the reader does not understand t that is also called a barrier. In my case for example I have a lack of confidence when it comes to speaking in English and that could also be called a barrier, because it is holding me from communicating effectively.
As I mentioned before there are a lot of things we can do in order to improve all these difficulties. If we see that we are improving this will increase our odds of communicating effectively. Both the sender and the receiver will understand each other's emotions and intentions. It will increase your work productivity and also your performance. You will be able to give confidence to other people and also to yourself.

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