Wireless Communication In Raspberry Pi  Essay

Wireless Communication In Raspberry Pi , 492 words essay example

Essay Topic:communication

Abstract-Wireless communication is widely used in various fields like automation, military etc. The advanced technologies in wireless sensor network (WNS) lowers he data rate failure and increases its productivity in automation.
This paper proposes a review on industrial process monitoring by using raspberry pi and wireless communication. The proposed work gives the design and implementation of industrial automation using credit card sized single board computer called raspberry pi.
Keywords- Wireless communication, raspberry pi, industrial, Internet of Things (IoT).
Wireless communication is the best technology and it is widely used in industry for automation purpose [2]. For industrial automation, a remote laboratory is also used to comprising different programmable logic controller (PLC) manufacturers. This facility provides an environment for remote users to learn many topics in automation, when user uses different PLC together [3]. In industry the PLCs are connected with distributed control system (DCS) by using protocols such as RS 232/485, USB and Ethernet [5].Now-a-days data acquisition system is widely popular in industry for remote monitoring and controlling of system status and physical parameters. Data acquisition means to collect the data in form of physical quantity or in time varying quantity and convert that data into A/D, then display that data on LCD and also use that data for future work [6].
Wireless communication means transfer of data between two or more points that are not connected to each other by any electrical conductor and this distance may be short or long distance [11]. Wireless communication is very useful in urgent situations. In this the affected regions can be provided with help and support those by using wireless communication. Wireless data communication is very important component of mobile computing. This contains various technologies differ in local availability, coverage range and performance [13]. Internet of Things (IoT) is fast growing technology and in this all devices are connected to internet [4].
In this paper, a Wi-Fi module is used for wireless communication. Also it is low cost and advanced technology developed for business and consumer products [14]. Wi-Fi is a local area network that enables the portable devices to connect with internet. Some businesses charge the customers for using Wi-Fi facility on monthly basis and while some offers them free in effort to increase the sales of their goods [13]. Open shift free web server is used to provide the data acquired from slaves and transfer that data to master module and master transfer that to user through this server. Open shift is a platform as a service product from Red Hat. This support a binary programs that are web applications, so long they can run on Red Hat enterprise Linux [15].
In this paper, we develop a current transformer (CT) across every machine in slave2, which produce an alternating current (AC) in its secondary which is proportional to AC in its primary. Also a voltage transformer (VT) or power transformer (PT) across every machine in slave2 to measure voltage. The combination of CT and VT is called as instrument transformer.

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