IAGG Entrance application Essay

IAGG Entrance application, 501 words essay example

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As a person, that have received the Bachelor degree from International Relations department of Qafqaz University with honors, I have various reasons to apply to IAGG program offered by University of Gothenburg.
The five years undergraduate program in International Relations, where the instruction language was English, formed the basis of my achievement of knowledge in the field of IR. As a part of my degree course, I studied various subjects, covering all aspects of International Affairs from Theories of International Relations to Human Rights. The subject of International Organizations especially provoked my strong interest due to the realization throughout my studies of the huge contribution that they make into the forming of international agenda and policy. Apart from that, this subject is of additional interest for me due to the key role that International Organizations play in conflict resolution and international development. Therefore, holding Bachelor's Degree in International Relations I don't intend to stop and, therefore, view the program your institution is offering as a great opportunity for my further development in this field.
I believe that strong academic experience that I have attained at Qafqaz University under the supervision of high class experienced professors with outstanding academic record has prepared me theoretically to the IAGG. Benefiting from the broad nature of IR, I have been exposed to an extensive range of subjects and I have acquired the essential skills of analytical thinking and information evaluation. Most significantly, they provided me with insight into International Organizations and processes occurring within them.
Moreover, I participated in many academic activities, such as lectures and discussions, which served to improve my knowledge in the field of International Affairs, including International Organizations. Equally important, I had the chance to raise challenging questions to loclly known scholars and government officials, who had great experience of actual work in local branches of various International Organizations and Government jobs.
Besides the academic activities at university, I was actively involved in the extra-curricular activities such as trinings, workshops, seminars, and conferences. The driving force behind all these was my aim to develop all the facets of my personality and improve my skills in many aspects of IR field.
Keeping in mind that theoretical background only is not sufficient, I pursued my goal of attaining practical experience in the particular field of International Organizations and NGOs, that goal eventually dictated decision of mine to work as an intern at the branch of UNDP in Azerbaijan. During my stay at one of the branches of the biggest International Organizations, I got a practical insight into how these kinds of organizations work. Along with that, I got a deeper understanding of how International Organizations are capable of making political and social impact on the local level. Furthermore, I wanted to try myself in NGO-Local Governance Assistance Public Union, during my second internship period, which helped me to realize how NGOs have crucial effect on local life, especially on sustainable development. I truly believe these practical experiences make me sufficiently prepred for IAGG.

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