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Approaches for robot development, 499 words essay example

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Having said above things, I will be working with the vision sensor to acquire to human gesture data. Now, a little about the robot itself. It will be a simulation of the two robot arms in one of the biomechanical simulation tools such as Opensim 3.0. This simulation of dual arm robot than will be actuating from an external commander program. Which will receives data from the vision sensor itself and analyze it then will direct it towards the simulation.
This control system approach will be with the help of 3D image acquisition and processing for the information of the motion of human exoskeletal muscles. This can achieve with the help of vision sensor such as KINECT.
Using techniques like impedance control we can achieve this intelligence to certain level to cope up with unpredicted and uncertain nature of motions in dual arm concept robotic solutions. Other solutions being master/slave control system, which is also widely being used in many of manufacturing industries where robotic solution are crucial.
Based on these ideas, or more precisely based on this study field, I proposed a design of control system for the dual arm robot technology based on the digital image processing approach, which facilitates the robots to follow human behavior using gesture recognition and mimics it, at certain extent.
By this mean we can detect the human arm gestures and gather the necessary information of the motion along with the velocities, position and orientation which will be directed to the robot simulation using programming software's like MATLAB, Python, and ROS.
To make this robot solution intelligent and up to the safe standards, the limits can be defined in regards with the motion and velocities. While this control system using image processing can be beneficial at many level considering the human safety, adaptability to varying industrial and commercial environments, more accuracy and precision as it simply actuate with human gestures under certain limits and risk standards. Other solution also can be implemented involving the human gesture recognition and commanding, that can be achieved with the sensor based data acquisition.
It involve the study of human upper body, specially arms and shoulders, mechanics, which further lead towards the analyses of data acquired by the image processing and making it useful to send the actuation commands to the simulated dual arm robot.
This approach can be applied with the help of prosthetic sensors used in the prosthetic materials to gets the signal for brain as an EMF impulses. More precisely, in this case the sensors can be the inertial sensors. Inertial sensors are sensors based on inertial forces measures. Their manufacturing ranges from MEMS inertial sensors, which can measure only up to a few square mm, to the ring laser gyroscopes, extremely accurate in the field of navigation.
As they have much industrial and navigational application. Using these we can achieve the 3D motion tracking along with the coordinates, relative to universal predefined coordinates. So we can pass this information to the simulation accordingly.

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