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Modern world people are facing parking problems due to increase in number of vehicle usage in most metropolitan area. The complexity does not in know where the free parking spaces at any given time, even if this is known many vehicles may follow a small number of parking spaces which in turn leads to jamming in traffic. This paper discuss on different smart parking techniques developed to overcome parking problems using various technology like Microcontroller, Zigbee and GSM based technology, Wireless Sensor Network technology, Image Processing, Number plate recognition , Automated parking system with Bluetooth access, Sensor Fusion based energy efficient and reliable smart parking system. The systems proposed by various authors help us effectively in reserving as well as eliminates the need for searching of a parking space in parking lot.
Keywords Smart parking, Zigbee, Microcontroller, RFID
In today's world parking lots have become redundant and needs lot of human resource for its maintenance. The current parking lots are not user friendly and do not intimate the availability of free parking spaces. The services that current world requires in terms of parking is saving time to park a vehicle, knowing the direction to reach the parking lot, less cost, reservation of parking space and calculate and pay the charges automatically, best path available to reach the location. The current user requires a smart application which helps in providing the services is to be accomplished. Many researchers are working on this problem and formalized with solution using various methods to optimize the parking lots to meet the needs. The modern technologies like GSM, WSN , Bluetooth, RFID, image processing techniques is been used by various systems to serve the need.
Further the paper is organized to give a insight into the various proposed systems for smart parking.
A. Microcontroller based multi-storey parking [1]
Multi-storey car parking system plays a vital role in avoiding wastage of parking space. This proposed system enables the parking of vehicles, floor after floor and thus reducing the usage of space in turn making the system modernized. This idea is developed using 8051 microcontroller. Two motors are used in this proposed model. One is stepper motor for horizontal movement and other is DC motor for vertical movement of lift. Obstacles sensor senses the incoming car, headlight senses the outgoing car and stepper motor is used for movement of lifts. Three sensors are used to sense the position of lift on each floor. the current location of lift is displayed on two seven segment display. Other two seven segment display is used by operator to display the location entered by him. The operator should have a indication of empty space. When operator enter the location which is compared by microprocessor with the current position of lift, if both are equal sends signal to the DC motor and stepper motor to stop in particular location. As an advantage multi-storey car parking system offers greater flexibility for the optimum parking solution.

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