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in the website, SAJ have e-billing system that manages the payment of the customer. That means the customer can pay the water bills via online payment and no need to come to the SAJ office. Others than that, the news and information also are in the SAJ website. It include the notice of the area that will not get supply of water due to problems and so forth. The online database is virtuous for every organization especially the big organization such as SAJ. This is because it easy to access to all department who authorized to use the database to gather an information without using the conservative way.
Figure 4
E-Billing system by SAJ
Figure 5
E-Billing of SAJ by android
The database that has been used by SAJ in managing the customer information is Billing Information System (BIS). Every staff in administrative department will be given an id and password for each of the staff. So they have authority to access all of the customer data according to this system. For example, by entering the account number of the customer the staff can accesses all of the customer information included their history such as when the customer pay the bills, where the bills have been paid and so forth. Every details of the customer will be updated in the system. I have been given task to key in all of the new water agreement form in the system. The new water agreement form is usually have been applied by the customer that just bought a new house or the contractor that manage to apply for it (Referred to appendix 3). So I need to fill the code installation, type of meter, size of meter and date of installation of the meter in the new water application form.
Others than that under BIS system I need to do a service request. Service request is the process when the customer already paid for their bills and requesting to reconnect their meters. So I need to look at service request in the BIS system and issued work order to the plumber to doing their job. There are a few plumber that have been work under SAJ and normally every plumber will be given equal task and job. The plumber will do their work after get a work order that has been issued by the administrator from SAJ officer. The plumber will not doing their job until they get issued by work order. The work order is like order in documentation form for them for doing this job. They cannot do as their like as long they do not accept the work order from the SAJ. In the work order, there will be the name and address of the customers that the plumber need to go to their address and do the job according to the work order (Referred to Appendix 4) . Normally the task to reconnect back the meter will be done after 5pm which is after the office hours.

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