Phases and Problems caused by spending addiction. Essay

Phases and Problems caused by spending addiction., 495 words essay example

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Spending addiction is a type of compulsive buying disorder (CBD) which is classify as a kind of mental disorder. The individuals with CBD are similar to substance abusers because they are inability to control their buying behavior, and encounter "a high" by purchasing merchandise (Workman, & Paper, 2010). It is an uncontrollable urge, it can temporarily relief from psychological distress emerging from depression, it just like abusing drug which can get the euphoria effect. Compulsive shoppers have a tendency to ignore the consequences of fulfilling that desire, so they are addicted to the process of shopping. Shopping is a form of self-expression, however it will gets to be uncontrolled because of the individual with the problems of impulse control. Typically, compulsive shoppers purchase things that are not necessary or something they cannot bear the cost just because they want to get the satisfaction in obtaining goods, however, they will feel regretful about succumbing to theirs urges and often suffer from financial harm and depression (Lo, & Harvey, 2012).
Next, there are four distinct phases of CBD which are anticipation, preparation, shopping, and spending. In the first phase, the person with CBD will has the strong urges to having particular things, or with the act of shopping. Second phase is has the preparation for shopping and spending. This include the decision or choice of where they want to go to shop, how they dress and even which credit card use. Next phase is the actual shopping experience, which the person with CBD describes as intensely exciting. The final phase is the act of completed with purchase, regularly took after by a sense of letdown (Black, 2007).
The occurrence of this mental disorder might related to childhood experience, the parents give too much reinforcement by given present which lead to the child wanting to get more material belongings. Compulsive buying varies different cultures, the nations with high economic status such as western country are believed to have more compulsive buyers contrasted to Asian country because of the presence of market based economy with variety of goods. Besides that, the social learning theory suggests that the drug user beginner have to learn from their more experienced peers in how to utilize drugs. It was same to compulsive buyers that if they are surrounded by compulsive buyers, the likelihood of excessive shopping would be high (Workman, & Paper, 2010).
According to the case study, it has found shopping addiction is on the rise, there are nearly five percent of Swiss adults are addicted to shopping, while one in three has a tendency to buy compulsively. Based on the report that carried out by Switzerland research institution has found that 275,000 individuals in Switzerland are addicted to shopping (Shopaholics on the rise, 2004). One of the reason is because Switzerland is one of the high monetary status country and will probably have compulsive buying disorders. On the other hand, shopping is the significant leisure time for them and is a ways for getting away daily worries.

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