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During its existence it has been proposed, considered and evaluated thousands of ideas, many of which the company brought to life (beginning from the revival of the practice of adding flavorings to update loyalty cards, and a complete exclusion from the menu of corn syrup, high fructose). But the big idea, perhaps, lies in the fact that customers have a sense of belonging to the brand, as well as a sense that the company values their ideas.
All these communication channels have an impact on the main target audience - students and postgraduates, which are ready to accept advertising on these channels.
General social media strategy Starbucks integrates many different elements. Combined together, they work perfectly the millions of fans of the brand on the Internet confirmed it. Thus, the company has created a digital dialogue with its customers and has shown its customers that their opinion is very important.
Starbucks also knows that more and more users access the Internet via mobile devices. So company made their own applications for mobile phones that make the life easier for smartphone users and allow them to feel connected to the brand.
Starbucks Mobile app allows customers to find a coffee shop, create their own drink, see the information about calories, manage their bonus points and even pay for purchases, conducting phone screen before the bar code scanner at the cash register.
What makes Starbucks's marketing mobile a successful strategy is the ability that it had to combine different channels, from traditional one as SMS, mobile advertisings and applications, to the latest technology as the QR codes, augmented reality, and new digital networks (Kats, 2012).
Starbucks Coffee Company believes that consumers will always come back for more coffees and will share their experiences with the people around them about the quality coffee and good customer service provided.
The degree of influence of these sources depends on the goods and the buyer. As a rule, most of the information the buyer receives from commercial sources. However, the most effective are private. Commercial sources inform the buyer and the personal give the necessary weight and assess information. With the accumulation of data is increasing buyer awareness of the availability of products and their features. There comes a stage of evaluating options.
2.3. Alternatives evaluation
Evaluation is a step in which user estimates different options based on the obtained information in the previous step.
Each consumer creates their view on similar trade marks on the basis of assessment. This process depends on the situation and the consumer. In some cases, buyers use careful analysis and logical conclusions, others do not use evaluation techniques and make a purchase on impulse or relying on intuition.
After obtaining all the information needed, consumers can now evaluate other brands that are offered such as 'Coffee Bean and Gloria's Jean Coffee'. Once the consumers have collected all the information regarding the different brands or products, they will be able to value each of the alternative products which are offered.

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