The analysis of personality test results Essay

The analysis of personality test results, 501 words essay example

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After taking the personality test, I learned that I am a ENFJ type personality (HumanMetrics, n.d.). Taking a personality test is very beneficial because it asks a series of questions that helps someone determine traits and behaviors as well as helping someone determine what type of job field they would fit in. After looking into all of the details of an ENFJ personality I agree mostly with what is said and the results are accurate.

The results ENFJ stand for Extraversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Judging. Extraversion is being outgoing and overall being comfortable in crowds and in large groups of people. I also have a large friend gorup and am very open to try new things with friends. I very highly agree with being classified as an extrovert. The second is iNtuition which means I am prone to trust impressions and I would rather learn through information than handson experience. I believe I also possess some traits from the opposite end of this as well, Sensing. I do remember things in pictures of how they happened in my mind and I am a very fact based person. Feeling is the next section, I agree that I am very concerned about everyone I'm with to be happy at all times and that I always try to look out for what is the best for other people. The last section is judging, this means I am very organized in life and have work done before I relax or enjoy time with friends. This isn't completely true because I find one of my biggest issues in life to be procrastination and that I work in bursts of energy (Martin, 1997).

Overall the results didn't surprise me because I recognize my traits even if they are good or bad and I feel that these results are pretty accurate with only a couple mistakes. Some emotional traits I show are that I tend to see the best in people and I often find myself smypathizing with others. Physical behaviors include that I am very willing to try new things and that I love being in groups of people. This assessment describes my behaviors really well because I always try to be thoughtful to other people and also I love to be organized as well so this test really understood me from a wide range of traits. This personality assessment helps me know what jobs I can look into in the future and tells me some of my study habits as well. In school I like to be organized and task oriented though I fail to do that sometimes due to a bad habit of procrastination even though it is not described. Something that would hinder my success though is focusing on the goal too much that I miss new information.

This test can help me know myself better and If I am aware of all these traits I can successfully plan accordingly for my future and create better habits involving work and school.

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