The opposition of the United States and the Soviet Union after the Second World War Essay

The opposition of the United States and the Soviet Union after the Second World War, 499 words essay example

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examples in the history after the Second World War when two major powers including the United States and the Soviet Union beefed up opposition on political, economic, and propaganda fronts along with their allies. The two countries engaged in the cold war with an aim to form their supremacy in the global politics and also dominate the international arena by building up their military and secretive roles and presence in different countries. The term 'Cold War' was first pinned by Bernard Baruch, who was on the team of advisors to the US President, in 1947. By the end of the Second World War, the United States of America and USSR became two prominent Super Powers.
It is said that World War II made the U.S. a world power. Both the US and the Soviet Union tried to reduce powers and resources of each other. There was a competition between the two countries that led to the Cold War. During their competition, the US took over and led the capitalist countries. While the leadership of communist countries was taken by the Soviet Union, and as a result of this they resisted each other's policies and became rivals of each other.
Even in the current times the cold war exist between certain powerful countries such as North Korea and South Korea. Moreover, the cold war between the United States and China, and the United States and Cuba still continues to play its role in the global politics and it is likely to affect the future of international relations and balance of power. One thing common between these cold wars is the ideological difference between democracy and communism. From the history of cold wars, it could be argued that different U.S. presidents handled them in different ways.
President Truman's and President Eisenhower's cold war strategies were focused on preventing communism to take its lead in the global political and economic scenario. This strategy tried to control the spread of communism in other countries and did not challenge its already existence in some countries. Both Presidents feared that communism drives their every action, and these presidents had to work on getting the US Congress pass substantial legislationsto support their mission against communism and the USSR after it got the nuclear bomb in 1949.
A noticeable move by President Truman was his attempt to get financial support approved from the US Congress for providing economic and military support to Turkey and Greece. The members of US Congress approved this move by President Truman that eventually changed the way US played its role in the cold war. The US led support to countries against communism and its supporters is recognized as the Truman Doctrine that was followed by every US President till the time of Ronald Regan.
In 1953,when President Eisenhower took the US President office, the Cold War, which was in progress since a long time, had reached a very challenging level. Secretary Dulles was allowed by Eisenhower to speak about the cold war.

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