The process of medical devices preparation at Central Sterile Processing Department Essay

The process of medical devices preparation at Central Sterile Processing Department, 499 words essay example

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Have anyone ever considered how medical devices are prepared before a surgical procedure? Central Sterile Processing Department (CSPD) consists of services within the Hospital, in which reusable medical devices will be cleaned, prepared, and processed. The role for CSPD is to prevent infection transmitted by usage of medical devices. The procedure for hospital medical devices before surgery has a four part workflow process in Decontamination, to Instrumentation, to Sterilization and Sterile Storage (Case Carts). An example is given for reprocessing an Intestinal Set and the supplies needed for the preparation of this medical device set.
Cleaning is the first step in reprocessing instruments and it is called decontamination. The cleaning process is all soiled instruments are placed in the prewash ultrasonic washer for ten minutes to remove any bacterial spores for instance, blood, tissue, and bone fragments. Then the instruments are sent through a wall washer. The wall washers are designed for the final cleaning of all instruments. Once the washer is finished, it unloads in the instrumentation area and the items are safe for handling for clinical usage.
The second process is instrumentation. Instrumentation is where all instruments are assembled, inspected, and packaged. All instruments that ate prepared for sterilization must be packaged so the sterility can be proved. For example, an intestinal set is one of general surgery case sets. To properly package and intestinal set the following is needed a small square tray, one towel, two chemical integrator's, a content list sheet, a thirty- inch sterile wraps tape. The towel is draped across the tray, and one integrator is places at the bottom of the tray once all instruments have been organized inside they tray. The towel is folded back across the tray. The integrators are used as part of a check to see how well the package was sterilized. When this set is opened for usage, the surgical technician is to make sure that the integrator has turned black. If not, the package is rejected. The integrator check gives the assurance that the set is sterile. Once integrator is placed inside of the tray and the second integrator is placed on top of the towel once the tray is finished and covered. The content list sheet is used to tell a technician what instruments belongs to the tray. The sheet contains the name of the set, the name of the one who puts the set together, and the date. When all of the set has been accounted for, the content list is folded and placed on top of the towel that covers the tray. Next, the sterile thirty inch wrap will be needed to wrap the entire set. The set is wrapped in the same manner as a Christmas gift. Once it has been covered, then the tape is used to hold the wrap together. On the tape the technician will label the set intestinal set. Then the set is placed on the sterilization rack and the rack is pushed into the steam sterilizer autoclave.

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