The Son Mexicano Essay

The Son Mexicano, 508 words essay example

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A son is an art in the music category.It is a genre of the music in the Mexican culture. it is performed on local instruments like the jarana, huapanguera, vihuela and other traditional instruments such as violin, guitar and harp.it is a performance of outspoken impromptu or traditional lyrics in a local style and use of the form of dance by stamping the foot as an element of acoustic. It is related to various music traditions in the western, eastern and central Mexico. Despite having some peculiarities individually, they have some similar characteristics.
Son has features that we can describe them in a limelight. including the use of local instruments when being performed.they have a call and response in terms that one gives a verse and the other party responds. it uses syncopation a feature in which a range of rhythms that are in an unusual way which makes section the whole tune or portion of music off-beat. it incorporates some rhythmic filters that are nonsensical in some way. These features make son derives its exclusivity from unique performance techniques on the nonspecific instrument.
The musical genre is deeply ingrained, and it is vastly spread in the Mexican music traditionally. Its genesis is drawn from a combination of native and Spanish elements is the early sixteenth century. Performed almost along all Mexican borders from the central to Pacific and Atlantic coasts. In the sixteen century it was like a theatrical song and in the form of dance whose traits appeared common and had a mocking tone.it was nearly banned by church authorities in early seventeen century, but the attempts were futile. It finally became part of short musical dramas which were in the middle of long plays in major theatres in the late seventeenth century. They have come to signify a sharp and welcoming disparity to the occasionally haughty operatic style predominant in theatrical productions of Mexico due to their pure and pleasant taste. Due to independence activities in early eighteen, then century the son was assimilated and accepted In the society becoming a symbol of national identity and referred to as "sonecitos de la tierra (dear sones of the land) or aires mexicanos (Mexican airs)". sones were finally decentralized, and local musicians modified only son Orchestra and changed everything to fit their preferences.
The sons have various types including son huasteco of Hausteca region basically in central and southeastern Mexico it is played by three musicians one playing five-string guitar, other violin and the other eight string guitar.Gutiarist sings short poem stanzas and interchange between verse paled in weddings., the son joracho is from southern Veracruz it is performed in evntets referred to as the fandangos which are parallel to jam session where musicians congregate to dance play and sing. Moreover, we have son de marimba for Chiapas, Tabasco and Oaxaca.
The son is a real musical genre that appears to be exciting and involving to the audience despite having deep roots from the ancient timed it unifies the Mexicans.

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