The treatment of cyanide poisoning Essay

The treatment of cyanide poisoning, 492 words essay example

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Cyanide poisoning can be best treated after removal of any hydrocyanic acid gas.
2) Electrical Injuries Accidental electric shocks are also a reason for frequent accidents. No action is required other than to determine the cause of accident and to correct fault. These shocks are highly dangerous as these may cause muscular spasms preventing the electrical contact being broken and the risk of cardiac arrhythmias and severe burns.
3) Injury caused by broken glassware Wash the wound immediately with disinfectant solution, cover it and report to physician.
4) Bleeding Make the patient comfortable according to type of injury. Try to stop bleeding by applying pressure to wound with a sterile pad. Clean the affected area with antiseptic such as tincture iodine and apply sterile gauze and bandage.
5) Burn Injuries
Skin Burns for skin urns follow these guidelines
(i) Remove clothes of injured person immediately. Remember to save yourself from clothes.
(ii) Rinse the burn area with a lot of cold water, for at least ten minutes.
(iii) Cover the burn area with sterile dressing to prevent infection.
Eye Burns For eye burn following guidelines should be observed
(i) Wash the eye immediately with cold water, for that use an eye wash basin or eye wash bottle. Prevent washing with any chemical to the injured eye. Wash thoroughly under the eyelid. This should be done by two persons as proper lifting of eye lid is required.
(ii) Bandage both the eyes to keep the victim calm.
(iii) Take the person to eye clinic only.
Other Burns Burns are divided into three parts
(i) First Degree Burns Cause Redness
(ii) Second Degree Burns Blisters
(iii) Third Degree Burns Open Wounds
(i) First and Second Degree Burns
(a) Cool the affected area with running water for at least fifteen minutes.
(b) Do not use any cream, powder, oil or any other thing on burn.
(c) In case of burn on face, joints or genitals or in case you are uncertain about proceedings, contact a doctor at once, regardless of degree of burn.
(ii) Second and Third Degree burn In case of second and third degree burn on a large surface area, we should use following guidelines
(a) Cool the affected portion of the body with cold and running water for at least fifteen minutes. Ice cold water should be avoided as they may cause hypothermia. Use the palm of your hand to deflect the force of water flowing, so that patient can't suffer from excess trauma.
(b) If the clothes are stuck to skin, remove the clothes by cutting carefully.
(c) Do not apply any cream, powder or oil on the wounds.
(d) Before taking the injured person to a physician, cover the wounds with a sterile dressing.
(e) Keep the injured person warm.
(iii) Inhalation of Poisonous gases, vapours and Aerosol In case of inhalation of poisonous gases or vapours, following guidelines should be observed
(a) First protect yourself by wearing a gas mask for respiratory protection.

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