Fatmeh and Yasmeen Essay

Fatmeh and Yasmeen, 488 words essay example

Essay Topic:what if,report,focus,manufacturing

Noor Alzoobi
" Something moved in the cupboard!" shouted Layal. Fatmeh, Yasmeen, and Layal gathered around the kitchen area to investigate the noise. "EW EW, GET THAT AWAY FROM ME!" Out came a large, gross spider. " You guys, stop playing around. We need to get to The White House. Our tour starts really soon!" said Yasmeen. She picked it up like it was a little ladybug. "We'll finish packing later. We need to leave!" " Okay, chill Yasmeen. We're ready, let's go." said Fatmeh. The trio left their new flat and headed to the famous place.
" Oh wow, it's amazing! Ooh, what if we get to meet the president? That would be so cool! I'm glad we chose this university, it's in the heart of D.C! " said Fatmeh. The building was quite large, white, and clean. It's fine, fiery field of full flourished flowers stood out. " Okay guys, let's go find our tour guide." said Layal. Before they headed towards the building, someone tapped Fatmeh's shoulders. "E-Excuse me, may I speak with you for a moment?" " Oh wow, it's Bernie Sanders!" said the 3 girls in usion. " What can we do, Mr. President?" asked Yasmeen. "I've been searching everywhere for people I could trust, and I finally found you three. I need you to be spies, because there is some suspicious work going on at Wayne Tower. Bruce Wayne does not know what's going on, and he can't investigate because everyone will think he's working with the enemy. People get suspicious real quick. Do you think you could act as workers and report to me immediately about anything suspicious?" "Wow, that is quite a lot to process." said Fatmeh. " Of COURSE we will! This is going to be epic, I always wanted to be a spy!" shouted Yasmeen. Bernie chuckled and said, " The job's tomorrow. Bruce obviously knows about you working, I spoke to him. Thank you for helping me out!" He walked away, going back to his awesome job.
" Wow, this dude's rich! This building looks epic!" said Yasmeen. She's the most excited about this job than everyone else. Layal and Fatmeh were kind of scared, they don't want to get hurt in the process. They walked into the building, it was surprisingly black but shiny. "Wow, this building's magnificent!" said Layal. "All right guys, let's go down to the manufacturing area, and get to work." Said Yasmeen. "Thank you for helping me out with this situation. Sorry I couldn't do it for myself, I won't be in the country for the next 2 weeks!" They received all their gadgets and gizmos and went to work. They walked down the large staircase and into the manufacturing center. "Let's start 'working'!" said Yasmeen. " If you're being sarcastic, then maybe anyone could find out why we're really here." Said Fatmeh. " Okay guys, seriously, let's begin working." The day passes by really quick, but they really did not focus about the time. They

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