How will my career benefit economy? Essay

How will my career benefit economy?, 500 words essay example

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NameYang Liu
Student Number201420002015
My major is information technology. Through the study of professional courses, I have a strong financial processing capacity and computer software development capabilities now. I know that the future is the era of computer networks, so I taught myself a variety of computer software applications and control. I want to be an information technology engineer. Because information technology benefit the economy.
First of allInformation technology change the production of products. We can say that the production of products is the cell of economy. Sales of products is the most basic component of the economy. So we look at how information technology is changing the production of the product. The most relevant products of information technology should be electronic products. Electronic products can be divided into two categories hardware and software. Hardware products such as smart phones, personal computers, smart TV and workstations, etc. Software products such as operating systems, programs, APPs, etc. These products are usually sold in a physical store or online. But no matter what these products are in the form of sales, they are always able to make billions of dollars. These products will also change the production
process of other products, and bring to the economy benefit.
SecondlyInformation technology affects the world's most valuable companies, thereby affecting the economy. According to the news, Apple is the highest market value of the company.1 Companies like apple, such as Samsung, Microsoft, Lenovo and so on. These companies have a common characteristic, that is, the technology content is very high in the company. High tech means that they need information technology engineers. That's just like a professional employee like me. And these professional information technology engineers continue to promote the development of the company. In this way, we can say that the information engineers bring to the economy benefit.
Finally, the information technology engineer is the support of the information technology industry, and the information industry directly affects all sectors of the economy in the world. The information technology industry is changing people's perception of the world. The world economy has already entered the era of virtual economy from the real economy. And information technology is the carrier of the virtual economy. The high speed development of economy can not be separated from the development of information technology. The computing method of information technology is constantly updated to make it more scientific. For example, cloud computing to make data collection more perfect, more accurate calculation results, so that the various industries can make more scientific decisions.
Generally speaking, I am an information technology engineer, I'm maybe just a
tiny person in the society, but through the improvement of the production of products, through the promotion of the company's development, through the influence of the information technology industry, I can bring to the economy benefit. And this is the answer how my career benefit the economic .
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