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The English curriculum, particularly in the linguistic field, tends to be framed in and chiefly based on the two unconscious boundaries that are vested upon the dichotomies between writing and reading. Writing practice is an important and key component in the building of the mature language skills. The mature language skills are acquired through the effective reading practices. Therefore, in this regard, it is clear and doubtless that there exists a direct relationship between writing and reading practices and relationship has an overall consequential effect on the students writing performance. The students writing performance envisions the linguistic curriculum as comprising of the practices where students are involved in the composition of text that integrates both the practices of writing and reading. This paper is primarily focused on examining how teaching writing through reading improves the grade eleven students writing performance. The main aim of this paper is to provide an establishment on the relevance of how the integration of teaching writing through reading is beneficial to the writing performance of the grade eleven students at ENGO Private School in Zehrieh  Tripoli, Lebanon.

Teaching Writing through Reading to Improve Grade Eleven Students' Writing Performance


Writing and reading have been determined since the 1980s following the development, creation, and adoption of the communicative language teachings, linguistics, to have a mutual effect, interaction, and connection to each other. The mutual effect arises in the sense that reading builds diverse kinds of knowledge to be employed in writing, while, writing reinforces knowledge in a manner that the schemata to read with are created. As a result, there is an interaction between writing and reading that makes the use of the similar cognitive structures leading to the creation of the text world.

The mutual effects that arise between writing and reading came into existence through the recognition that writing was a process involving the several processes for the creation of a given piece of work in the English language, linguistic. The tendencies of the writing process involving several steps for the creation of a given linguistic piece of work were referred to as the productoriented approaches. The productoriented approaches were in need of the stepbystep developments. The stepbystep developments became requisites for the integration of writing and reading. The integration of writing and reading has become a fundamental practice where the teaching of writing through reading has consequently been developed in this current 21st century has a significant practice in the improvement of the students writing performance.


In many occasions, if not all, in the linguistic curriculum, when asked to provide an explanation of the connection or interaction between writing and reading, it is always tempting to draw upon the assumptions seeming commonsensical in nature that good writers are often good readers. However, this assumptions is almost correct and justifiable since, as Louise Rosenblatt implies in his transactional writing theory, better writers, it is of imperative need that for one to be a better reader, he or she must as well be

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