The relation between reading and writing skills Essay

The relation between reading and writing skills, 498 words essay example

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On a general ground of determination, numerous previous researches have shown that the reading and writing are related and that each of their reliance is on the correlated and corresponding isomorphic knowledge and mental processes. However, the reading and writing relations nature is different at different students grade levels and age. For instance, the readingwriting relations in the grade eleven students is different from the readingwriting relations in other students grade levels such as the second, fifth, or seventh grades. These correspondences and correlations in the isomorphic knowledge and mental processes can lead to instructions that are more effective when the teaching of writing is done through reading, in other words, when reading and writing teachings are done in combination.

Many English language educators have begun to incorporate the findings about significance of employing the use of the readingwriting connections into the education curriculum. As this incorporation continues, today, there is a large educational research body that is objectively focused on exploring and providing additional detailed information on the readingwriting connections. Though much effort has been channeled towards explaining about the relationship that exists between reading and writing, many areas are still to be explored. The areas that remain to be explored are aligned to the situation that there is still scant empirical knowledge and information about the connection and relation between reading and writing across the multiple students grade levels and rather not only the eleventh grade.

The growing readingwriting relationships researchers have provided a comprehensive insight and information on this relationship based on varied perspectives and approaches. Each of the researches and investigations provides a reflection of the specific beliefs about what it deems ad considers to comprising of reading and writing pertaining to the relationship that exists between them. The approach that every researcher takes to investigate the readingwriting relationship is the guiding factor to the provision of the answers of the questions asked about this relationship and is the determinant situation for the appropriate methods to be employed when answering those questions that seek to investigate the connections existing between reading and writing.

In the research conducted by Fitzgerald and Shanahan (2000), a perspective showing that reading and writing share both the element of the common knowledge bases and overlapping cognitive processes, and that these elements are represented by the scores on the assessments of the students writing performance and comprehension reading. Therefore, the valuable information on the relationship between the practices of reading and writing across the students grade levels, and within the eleventh grade specifically which is the primary focus of this paper, can be gained through two processes.

The first process on how the information about readingwriting relationship across the students grade levels can be gained is by conducting an examination on the relationships between the scores of the students on the tests of reading comprehension and the holistic scores on the writing of the essays. The second way on how the readingwriting relationships information can be gained is by conducting a


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