The analysis of the grade eleven students writing skills Essay

The analysis of the grade eleven students writing skills, 497 words essay example

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test would show whether the groups English language ability was the same if the students grade levels would be the great variance. The great variance in the students grade levels is considered to be likely cause of difficulty in the administration of the experiment and in the studys result interpretations.

In the posttest instruments, the grade eleven students used as the studys participants in the experimental group were asked to conduct a writing of an argumentative essay in the tow hours of the writing session class after the ten weeks of learning the writing of the academic essay for the chief purposes of conducting observations as to whether the application of the approach of the readlikeawriter practice can help them to improve their writing performance in the English language. Most importantly, the posttest was would also be administered in the grade eleven students classrooms to ensure that the same physical conditions are provided for the students, due to the reasons that the physical conditions are usually not the same and, therefore, the expected results are likely not to be achieved or reached.


The procedures that will be employed for the texts to be used for the study will be selected and chosen based on the important aspects of suitability and appropriateness for the English language subject for the improvement of the grade eleven students performance in writing. The suitability and appropriateness of the texts, the written texts, is referred to as the level of the texts difficulty, length, genre, and topics that are appropriate for the study participants, the grade eleven students at ENGO Private School.

For the control group, the ten weeks of application used to investigate the effectiveness of reading on writing for the improvement of the students performances in writing. The control group of the grade eleven students is allocated 2 hours for the writing sessions, with one (1) hour being provided for the explanations about the writing of essays and the writing instructions and the other one hour is provided for the writing tests including the writing of the short essays about a particular given topic without necessarily having to read any text related to the given topic. The procedure for the tent weeks of application used to investigate how the teaching of writing through reading helps the grade eleven students improve their writing performances are described as follows.

In the first week, of the two hours allocated for the writing session, one hour is provided for the giving of instructions about the concept and language skills of essay writing and the other one hour is used for giving a test of writing requiring the grade eleven students to write a short essay on the topic of the problems of the teenagers.

In the second week of application, of the two writing sessions hours, the first one hour is used to give the grade eleven students the writing instructions on the different types of essay writings and the second hour is used for the

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