The impact of computer technology development on business Essay

The impact of computer technology development on business, 499 words essay example

Essay Topic:computer technology,business

The modern businesses nowadays comparing with business from twenty years ago to of, that our can clear to see the significant advancements in how businesses of all size operate. So, technology is plays an important role to us in future development. Particularly computer technology is the main reason for such a rapid advancement in the technological abilities of businesses. As well, along with the computer revolution, the development of business computer software has resulted in improved efficiency of a business. Today, hardware and software has become a critical component of how businesses operate. Hardware is the components of a computer or physical parts and it is tangible. Example of hardware is the monitor, keyboard, pendrive and so on. The software that is set of instructions that direct a computer to perform some specific operations and it is nontangible. Example of software is computer programs, digital media. When our use the hardware and software that have advantages and disadvantages. This advantages and disadvantages will bring a big effect for us when our working at working place.

The first advantage is save our time and save our money. Maybe you must spend the many time just can find the every spelling error for you assignment need to submitted but software of computer just need to take more than a few second to do that. Intelligent spell checker programs are just one example of software that can save people time so that thay can spend more time to do other important things. This is possible because a typical computer executes a billion or more instructions per second. Businesses also rely on different types of software to save time and to save money. For example, the plagiarism software can help all teacher or lecturer to check assignment student whether copy and paste from online, that can save their time to read.

The second advantage is making the impossible become to possible. Some tasks are so difficult and complex that it would be impossible for humans to perform them. For example is voice recognition programs, use advanced algorithms to analyze speech and convert words into text. Supercomputers running special software can perform simulations that humans could never do. So that we can see the software is very important to us. Never have software, we cannot to do or complete anything that is difficult and complex.

The third advantage is creative software. If you not a beauty, this software can help you instantly become beautiful. It is a very popular topic in our lives now. That is photoshop. I believe nowadays every young people have downloaded this software in their smartphone. The OPPO smartphone also provide this software directly and you not need download it. This creation software can help many people back to regain their selfconfidence.

The fourth advantage is improved efficiency in the business and so on. The incredible speed in which business computer software can perform tasks that manually done by hand and this can allow a business to become more efficient. 

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