Usage of laptop in studying and business Essay

Usage of laptop in studying and business, 502 words essay example

Essay Topic:business

As we know, laptop is one of the technologies that easier people to make their work either presentations, projects or assignments. Laptop can help most of students to done their research or assignment that should be sent in the form of documents by using Microsoft words. Even they do not have time to set it up in the classroom they still can complete their work in a caf or a park because laptop is easy to carry everywhere. So it will be helpful for student doing writing and revising through laptop even they lack of time to do it so. It will help, student that have problem with bad handwriting because using laptop, they just need to type their answer and print it before send to lecturerIn this era of technology development, everything will be done with easy and faster even in food industry they have fast food to easier and make it faster. Laptop will help a lot of people easier their work or business by online system such as e-banking, online business, online marketing, online education and many more. They can do all of the online process at home with their laptop without need to go out and pay for the transport gasses, shop rent and waste their time to wait a customer. But with online process they still can do another work at their home and its more convenient for women because they still can carry out their responsibilities as a wife and mother. Laptop will be one of their necessary in the future because they have to earn money by doing the online businessLaptop also multifunction because it has video player, music player, mails, camera, games and so on. The function also can be added by installing the application through internet browse and find the application or anything that suits our interest and make it comfortable for us to use. We can also install the application for security or antivirus to make sure our laptop safe from the virus that will make our laptop processor become slow. Besides that, users can listen to music while they have nothing to do or watch movie in their weekend so they did not need to buy VCD or DVD. They just can listen music and watch movie at their homeEye control that will help user to control the device by user sight and it will detect what are we looking at, what we interested in and what we want to do on. It will involve our relationship with the laptop and the laptop will recognize the owner of the laptop by the eyes control.We always have a same problem that is the battery of our technology cannot stay longer because of the battery have their own specification. The battery cannot over charge because it will make the battery broken and easy to low the battery power. So I want the laptop in future can stay all day to easier our work without have to charge it every 3 hours per day

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