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Digital HC buyers are testing the waters in 2016, seeking digital HC advisors that will keep their digital ventures safe and protected and isolated enough to experiment comfortably. Buyers shared their interest in taking on modular-like digital HC engagements where they can achieve results and absorb new approaches in bite-sized pieces. In this era of digital adoption for HC, hiring for excellent design thinking and "planting digital roots from which we can grow" is shared sentiment from some innovative and risk-taking HC buyers.
More consulting firms are taking innovative approaches to engagement in digital work, whether it is shared-risk or shared revenue or time to value limits, HC customers are developing an appetite for consulting partners who will put skin in the game as they share in learning and development process in digital engagements. Engagement lengths are expanding and incremental pieces of digital transformations are allowing for substantial opportunities to develop trusted advisory relationships with digital HC clients. Surely it is opportunistic as this whole digital HC thing is not going away any time soon.
Consulting firms are serving a dual role in incubating and accelerating where the tech start-ups can most effectively drive business and patient care outcomes potentially building a new set of accelerator offerings.
Appropriate digital healthcare processes and data integrations come with new and emerging talents and skill sets. From areas that need additional governance and oversight, clinical effectiveness over digital channels, to data sharing, validation and analytics expertise. During an era of adoption often the consulting firms are hired on as interim staff to help migrate the knowledge transfer and skill transfer processes.
While digital HC acumen is evolving in real time in 2016 among the consultants and the HC clients, the appetite for standardized digital practices among HC clientele will drive advisories to continue development of assets and frameworks that, while there may be no best practice in each area of workflow and HC consumer engagement as yet, there will be tried and proven methods that have delivered positive returns. Those consultancies that experiement early and launch offerings in modules or packaged-like approaches may find more diverse opportunities from mid-market and smaller HC innovative clientele
More health system participants from large public sector organizations to traditional HC payers and providers to smaller start-up and new HC market entrants -- are investing in digital HC initiatives to improve patient health and business operating outcomes. Digital HC consulting practices serve and approach HC engagements from several different perspectives to achieve HC consumer or patient engagement, reduce costs and improve effective digital HC workflows and care coordination and combine data from multiple sources to produce meaningful HC insights through data analytics and digital tools. The emergence of keenly focused specialization for digital HC expertise within a given health sector is attracting consultancies of all sizes, locales and domain expertise to ramp up key capabilities during this era of digital disruption and innovation. needs in mature systems propels holistic, strategic and comprehensive competencies among larger contenders.

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