Vision 2020 and its nine challenges Essay

Vision 2020 and its nine challenges, 488 words essay example

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Thoughts and principles Tun Dr Mahathir is still act as a reference materials of our country in various contexts, particularly in the context of the role of muslim as citizen of Malaysia and the role of Malay as an Islamic country in a globalized world.
Vision 2020 was produced to be a long haul objective for the country, the objective of Malaysia turning into a "completely created nation" by year 2020. Generally, the vision is alluded as twenty-twenty, which as indicated by Mahathir is associated with having a flawless vision of 20/20. When asked about Vision 2020, Mahathir has jokingly said, "I will not be around to be blamed should we fail to meet the goals."
The primary objectives of Vision 2020 is to modernize and build up our nation in light of its own model and build up that country monetarily, politically, socially, profoundly, mentally and socially. In accomplishing those objectives, nine challenges have been listed
1) Set up an assembled Malaysian country with a feeling of regular and shared destiny. This must be a country in peace with itself, regionally and ethnically coordinated, living in amicability and full and reasonable organization, made up of one Malaysian race with political devotion and commitment towards the country.
2) Creating a mentally freed, secure and created Malaysian culture with confidence and trust in itself, legitimately pleased with what it is, of what is has finished, a sufficiently hearty to face all way of affliction. This Malaysian culture must be recognized by the quest for perfection, completely mindful of every one of its possibilities, mentally subservient to none, and regarded by the general population of different countries.
3) Fostering an adult, majority rule society, rehearsing a type of consensual, group situated Malaysian vote based system that can be a model for some creating nations.
4) Establish a completely moral and moral society, whose natives are solid in religious and otherworldly values and pervaded with the most astounding of moral gauges.
5) Establishing a developed, liberal and tolerant society in which Malaysians of all hues and statements of faith are allowed to hone and declare their traditions, societies and religious convictions, but then feel a feeling of having a place with the country.
6) Establishment of experimental and dynamic culture, a general public that is imaginative and forward-looking, one that is a buyer of innovation as well as a donor to the logical and mechanical human progress without bounds.
7) Nurturing a completely minding society and a minding society, a social framework in which society will precede self, in which the welfare of the general population will spin not around the state or the individual but rather around solid and strong family framework.
8) Ensuring a monetarily only society in which there is a full organization in monetary advancement. Such a general public can't be set up inasmuch as there is the recognizable proof of monetary backwardness with race.
9) Establishing a prosperous society, with an economy that is completely focused, changing, hearty and flexible.

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