Organizational climate Essay

Organizational climate, 495 words essay example

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Organizational climate
We define organizational climate as how the employers of a firm experience the culture of an organization. The climate of a particular firm can be frequently changed ad by the upper management can be shaped by them. Climate represents the mood of the organization and culture presents the personality of the organization. Organizational climate is easy to change and is easy to experience than compare to the organizational culture. The organizational attracts and keeps the climate of the organization fit.
Moreover, the characteristics of organizational climate is that the concept is intangible. It has a remarkable impact on the actions and performance of the employers working in an organization. It is seen as the aspect the internal environment of an organization. It also has enduring characteristics which are stable over a long period of time. It identifies the organization and distinguishes it from other organization. It is a concept which is multi-dimensional and consists factors or you can say patterns like leadership, control, communication, etc. According to Litwin & Stringer there are six factors which influence the organizational climate and those are the structure of the organization, responsibilities of each individual, rewards gained, challenges of degree and taking risk, conflicts. The effect of organizational climate has its impact on the employer's performance, satisfaction and their attitude. Furthermore, its affects is on the employers behavior is when the system in an organization operates positive and negative roles. Through this the actions and performance of the employer is influenced and which in return has a different kind of behavior. It also affects the behavior of self and also others. And this effects the human behavior in both physiologic and psychological ways. The employer's behavior is also influenced directly at the arousal level which in return affects their performance by acting as a stimuli. It also influences the behavior of the employer in such a way that they manipulates and try to change the perception of other individual working in the same company. Therefore, maintaining good organizational climate is important by satisfying a huge number of employers, having good human relations and productivity. Every organization should develop a proper organizational behavior system which motivates the performance of the employer while doing its jobs, construct overall motivational climate, keen an insight into an individual, train and design the job in such a way that the employer is interested and gets fully committed into the job. Sound organizational climate proposition is of a long term. Following are the ways which can improve the climate of the organization by maintaining the higher standard of excellence in each department process, operation and evaluation. Encourage the employers to participate in group discussion and in making decisions. Rewarding the employer according to the effort he or she is making so that through the rewards other employers also work hard. Encourage the members for innovation and share their ideas. Train the employers to tolerate each other differences and deal with both internal and external matters.

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